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Have you ever gone to a BVB concert? If you have, did you get to meet the guys? :).

I haven’t :c I so want to though! We live in Australia, and it takes hours to fly and drive to venues where they usually play at. - Sarah

Winter - Justin Hills

Can you write a Justin Hills smut c:
I sure as hell can ;)

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Your requests are closed, right? :)) Sorry, I was just asking before I sent anything!

requests are closed yes. i have 13 imagines to write :(

Tickle Fights - Ricky Horror


Could you do a cute and fluffy Ricky Horror imagine, please? Oh btw I love your blog so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you write a Ricky horror smut please😊?It’s ok If you don’t
First Combined Imagine. Yay!

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Requested by anon.


Right, so, I am sorry to say guys but while I’m getting my mental health in check, this blog is on hold. All imagines are still up, I’m still writing but the only thing is I won’t be posting for a little while. I don’t mind if you unfollow, just know I love you all and you guys are the bomb diggity. xx

Love Sarah